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My Life: Andorra

Finding Aid

Date range: 1950-2018

Created by Max Fuld in 2018

Copyright Max Fuld

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Images provided by Fuld and Pintat Family 

Subjects and keywords:

Andorra, Albert Pintat, Clara Pintat, Adria Pintat


When creating this archive, I wanted to not only research but also present to the public how my family has impacted the Andorran Society. Throughout this project, I learned many details and facts about my family which I previously was unaware of. Let me take you on the journey in exploring my family.


My name is Max Fuld, I was originally born in Boston, Ma. Following the 9/11 tragedy, I moved to Andorra where my whole mom's side of the family was already situated. I lived there for eight years before moving back to the United States. In this archive I explore my families roots and how they have contributed to the development of Andorra. 

Scope and Content:

My archive is filled with mostly photos but also newspaper articles. My archive is split up into five different tabs. The first tab is on Andorra. Here I give a brief explanation on the country and it's location geographically. The second tab is composed of my family tree. Here I allow the viewer to see who I am related to. The next three tabs are related to my family relatives, Albert Pintat, Clara Pintat and Adria Pintat.

I hope you enjoy my archive!


Home: Photo taken by Derrick Spencer, Williams '20

Tab 1: Andorra

Tab 3: Albert Pintat 

Tab 4: Clara Pintat 

Tab 5: Casa Pintat Fishing Shop 

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